Astrology is the science of the influence of the planets & stars on human and terrestrial affairs. The planetary motions, their positions & time do have a significant effect on all of us.

It is one tool which can help to identify the areas in which anyone's greatest talents, capabilities or weaknesses may lie.

Good Astrology will always guide you to avoid mistakes & misfortune through Practical & Scientific Remedies.

Every part of the Body is ruled by a Zodiacal sign & every disease is caused by a planet.

The astro numerologist says that one would consider lucky if you know what is in store for you. For example what profession suits you, which line of study should your child opt for, when will your good period start. All this if you know long before it actually happens, imagine yourself all this is predicted in advance by the astronumerologist.

Astrology tells us tendency, personality and probability of events so that one can be aware of coming dangers, challenges and opportunities.

Astrology enables one to take full advantage of the opportunities coming in one's way.

Most of our ambitions can be fulfilled and many failures & misfortunes can be averted if our actions are well timed in association with our Birth charts. For example- A person gets quickly cured of a disease if he takes the right medicine in time. In this case, the proper diagnosis of the disease and correct medicine are mandatory.

Each moment a Baby is born, the planets are moving through certain zodiac signs & are located at certain angles to each other. The specific locations of the planets can be determined on the basis of latitude & longitude of the place of birth.

At a particular moment, although thousands of Babies may be born across the globe, their horoscope would differ because of difference in latitudes & longitudes. Consequently, the influence of the planets on the thousands of Babies born worldwide would differ.

Diseases caused by Different planets in the Eighth House

Sun in the 8th

Causes high fever, eye sight defects, urinary tract infections. palpitations and migraine. Sun in the Eighth is not at all desirable for Health.

Moon in the 8th

In the EIghth House, Moon causes mental tension, as he rules the Psyche ( Mano Matharo Sheetharashmi ). Generally not conducive to good health, Luna can cause Diarrohea.

Mars in the 8th

Tumors, boils, accidents, operations are all caused by Mars. He is the planet of Surgery. Mental aberrations are also caused by him, if he be conjunct with the Moon. Eighth Mars makes one over-sexed.

The North Node

Ulcers are caused by this shadowy planet. Eighth Rahu can create immense mental tension, as he will not allow mental peace to reign supreme. For females, he will create incompatibility of temperament with spouse and sometimes widowhood.

Jupiter in the EIghth

Although he is the least harmful planet in the House of Death, it causes pancreatic diseseas and jaundice. He may give luck and a regal life, but sleeping sickness, gall bladder disease are also caused.

Saturn in the Eighth

Saturn in the Eighth is extolled for longevity ( Ashtamasthe Sani Ista Thasyal ). But a long suffering life is indicated, as Saturn can give immense sorrow. There will be a yearning for getting away from it all. Paralysis and tumors caused by this melancholy planet become chronic.

Mercury in the House of Death

causes paralysis and nervous diseases. There may be longivity due to the principle that a benefic increases longevity when posited in the Eighth, but a weak constitution will be conferred.

South Node in the Eighth

causes ulcers and accidents. Mental fluctuations, quarrels with spouse, operations in the region of the sex organs. Causes pain and discomfort. If posited with Moon, suicidal tendencies.

Venus in the Eighth

causes sexual weakness and diabetes. Diseases of the bladder and an inferiority complex due to mental fluctuations. Even though Venus in the House of Death is extolled for conferring longevity, financial prosperity and good fortune, he can give health hazards

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