Dr. Astrodeepak Sharma(Gold Medalist) is New Delhi Based (ROHINI SEC.24) Famous , Favourite , Astrologer, Palmist ,VAASTU, Numerologist ,Gemologists,Stock Market Analyst, Nameologist , Palm Reader , Feng Shui Specialist as well as a GEMS STONES Expert. He Has His Clients not only from DELHI but also all over the MANY STATES.

He has established an Exclusive Identity of his own by his deep Study, thinking & Research & Knowledge of Astrology , Numerology, Gemology, Nameology , Palmistry, Feng Shui & Vaastu Shashtra.

I started Astrology as a hobby & To help people solve their problems and make their lives happier.but after seeing the value this could deliver to people, I took this super-science more seriously. I have been studying Vedic Astrology and Vastu for over 10 Years along. I have written several articles on scientific basis of Vedic astrology and remedial measures. Plus done a lot of research on scientific basis of mantra shastra so as to provide better astrological remedies to people's problems. He writes articles on subjects related to astrology.

His method of Prediction is Totally Scientific & Logical with Reasoning and Facts. He suggests Very Very Simple & Practical Remedies which are Very Very Easy to Perform & are very very effective also. He Predicts your Horoscope By Minutely Analyzing the Divisional as Well as Sub Divisional Charts . He Even Checks the Nakshatras You were Born in . He Balances your Name as well as your Company’s Name According to Astrology as well as Numerology Taking into Consideration the Position of Planets in all your Divisional as well as Subdivisional charts of your Horoscope.

His method of prediction is completely different from other Astrologers as well as Numerologists because he does Calculations of the Degrees of the Planets affecting your Horoscope (Janam Kundli ), He checks the Degrees of the Planets that whether they are in the state of Infancy , Old Age or the Degree Level of Planets is Moderate.

He may recommend you to wear Gemstones. Gems have Curative Powers as well as the Power to Pour in Fortune & drive away the Evil of our Planetary Position . The most important thing is that which Gemstone will suit an Individual & which Gemstone would Destroy his / her life. Even Study & Experience Shows that Gemstones act as Catalysts & help every person in their life either in their Personnel Relationship or in Job / Business or for Improvement of their Health.

HIS REMEDIES ARE SO PRECISE & SO MUCH RESULT ORIENTED THAT anyone who has problems & after doing these remedies, the person feels so much relaxed as if the problem was never in his / her life.MR SHARMA ji Has Many Satisfied Clients all over the World who Praise for the Extraordinary Results they got after Consulting Deepak ji .

He has a huge number of satisfied clients. Rectification of wrong Birth times. Matching of charts after the Traditional Guna Dosha matching has been done. Advising big Players in Stock Markets which stocks to pick and which ones to leave.Advising students as to which stream of higher education they must pursue. Advising Business men as to which periods are fertile for them to bring in superior financial gains, and which periods they must avoid.I have been honoured as the Living legend of Indian Astrology and Vastu by All India Federation of Astrologers' Societies, New Delhi.Awarded with below mentioned titles : Jyotish Darpan 1999,Gold Medal, 2003, Jyotish Ratan 2008,Pama Vidya 2009 Vaastu, Renowned by Sh.H.Gandhi 2010.

He even gives Consultations by Phone also, You can meet him Personally also subject to prior Appointment only. He is totally Dedicated to the extreme of the cases.

Astrology was a passion for me since early teens. I learned astrology by reading various books on astrology but found things lacking in predictive astrology. I have been doing self study and practicing astrology since 2000 as a professional astrologer. With this long experience as a practicing astrologer handling clients of different economic, social, regional and religious strata has given me a deep insight into the occult area of astrology rarely found in modern times. This has helped me immensely to predict accurately about the forth coming events . I have been widely associated with Numerous TV channels, National Newspapers, JustDial, Face book, India mart leading my websites.

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