Vedic Horoscope (Vedic Janmakundali)

What is Vedic Horoscope?

Vedic Horoscope or Janmakundali is the most important part of Vedic Astrology. It records the position of the planets and other stellar elements at the time of a person's birth.

It also has various calculations and charts, revealing vital information about the person's Karma, his life, work, family, and destiny.

What does your Vedic Horoscope have?

Your free Vedic Janmakundali has your Lagna-kundali (birthchart), birth rashi, nakshatra, lagna, many other kundalis, charts and vedic astrology analysis that has insights on your personality, inclinations, career, family, habits, etc.

It also has various calculations and charts, revealing vital information about the person's Karma, his life, work, family, and destiny.

Complete Analysis of your Horoscope

Your birthchart from Astrobix has the complete analysis of your Vedic Horoscope include the analysis for your Rashi, Lagna, Nakshatra, Planetary Aspects, etc., to give you a complete overview of your Horoscope and the trends that you can expect in your life.

Guidance for your whole life

Your Horoscope will help you understand yourself better and tell you how your destiny works so that you can capitalize on your strengths and avoid mishaps in your entire life.

Select from 10 Languages!

Get your horoscope in your own language. Select from: English, Hindi.

This report provides an in-depth analysis about your temperament, characteristics and personality, strengths and weaknesses, the favorable and unfavorable aspects. and some secrets of your life & Lots of other useful and interesting personal information which helps you to make the right decisions in life, and lead a more productive and prosperous life is part of this report. with 100% guarantee . we are sure after purchasing our kundali you will not need to call or ask any questions ..

Your Janam kundali full contains following details

  • Conventions
  • Birth details
  • Panchang
  • Lagna chart
  • Chalit-Cusp
  • Rasi- Navamsa
  • Sudarshan Chart
  • Aspects of planets
  • Aspects of csups
  • Sayan Lagna Chart
  • Sayan Cusp chart
  • K.P Lagna chart
  • K.P Significator chart
  • K.P. Significator (with aspects)
  • 16 chart (in 5 pages)
  • Rudraksha rmedies
  • Numerology Chart
  • Planet relations
  • Shadbala
  • Ashtakvarg
  • Sade-Sati
  • Ashtotari antar dasa
  • Vimshotari antar dasa
  • Vimshotari Prati-antar dasa
  • Favorable Points
  • Yearly Predictions for 1 years
  • Compatibility table
  • Bhava Kundali
  • Concise Page
  • General Predictions in 12 pages
  • Gives info about your life, relations
  • business, marriage, life partner etc...
  • Gemstone Remedies
  • Numerology Predictions

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