Lal Kitab & its Remedies

Lal Kitab is an ancient book of Hindu Mythology. This book was written in old Urdu. This book was founded on the lying skin of a dead man without any author name. It was founded in the caves of Tibet. This book then taken by the Persians and then pass to Iran. After sometime this book was translated in Urdu and Hindi. The remedies given in these books are effective in a hour. The remedies in this book are very easy to complete and also a common man can perform it easily. Likewise in case of an afflicted sun, throwing a copper coin in flowing water is very useful. Like this there are many more easy, effective and instant remedies present in the book itself. We have this book. If you will send us your birth detail with your problem we assure you to send the instant remedies of this book.

There are five editions of Lal Kitab written during the period of 1939 to 1952 by Pt. Roop Chand Joshi. Details are as follows - .

» Lal Kitab Ke Farman, 1939, 383 pages

» Lal Kitab Ke Arman, 1940, 280 pages

» Lal Kitab third part, 1941, 428 pages (Also known as Gutka)

» Lal Kitab Ke Farman, 1942, 384 pages

» Lal Kitab, 1952, 1173 pages

First four editions were published by Sharma Girdhari Lal (cousin of Pt. Roop Chand), at Hazi Press, Lahore. Last edition i.e. 1952 edition was published at Narender Press, Delhi.

As you can see the last edition i.e. 1952 edition is the most exhaustive one and sufficient for start learning Lal Kitab. You can get more editions after becoming acquainted with Lal Kitab basics of original Urdu editions are available in market. If you can read Urdu well, there can be nothing better than that. Go get the photocopies of original Urdu editions. But if you cannot, it becomes more difficult and depends upon which language you can read better.

There are many new editions available on Lal Kitab. But few writers had changed the actual code of Lal Kitab. Writers had edited Lal Kitab by themselves and now it has been changed as compare to the original.

Before undergoing any Lal Kitab remedy we advice you to must consult a Lal Kitab experienced astrologer. This is very necessary to avoid adverse effect of Lal Kitab.

Lal-Kitab remedies are cheap and within the reach of the common man and are infallible. Lal-Kitab has also explained the science of palmistry in such comportment that each of the 42 divisions of the human brain have been related to the different houses of a man's birth chart in such a scientific manner that the sketch of the human brain reflects accurately on the lines of the palm. Malefic in Dusthanas or inauspicious houses are normally considered to be a good placement. ...

Instant Remedies of Lal Kitab

We are providing you with few instant remedies to some known major problems. These are through LALKITAB remedies. Select a Problem from the list below and you will find instant solution to it. We advice you that you must consult a Lal Kitab Expert before undergoing any remedy.

Lal Kitab & its Remedies


Lal Kitab has gained a wide popularity in the recent years. It is an old book though not very old, which was written in Urdu. It deals with astrology with special emphasis on remedial solutions which more often than not, appear unusual and even bizzare to a lay man with a scientific temper. The origin as well as the authorship of the Red Book is shrouded in mystery. There are "farmaans" (messages) in the book which are very difficult to decipher due to many couplets of poetry mixed with philosophy and hidden meanings. However, many of the the remedies suggested in the Red Book are very downright effective. The book also explains the science of palmistry in an exquisite manner. It relates each of the 42 divisions of the human brain to the different houses of a man's birth chart and the sketch of the human brain is reflected accurately on the lines of the palm. On the basis of these lines of the palm one can draw the actual horoscope of an individual and can place planets in various houses of the natal chart. The book also analyses the different aspects of a man's residential house based on his birth chart.

The remedial measures of the Lak Kitab / Red Book are very simple and do not require the observance of expensive rites and rituals. These measures are also different from Tantras and Mantras which are difficult to follow.

Some Remedies, solutions and tips of the Red Book are general in nature and can be applied if required. You are free to try them. They are :

Saturn in 6th house will be doubtful. It may be good, bad or mixed. We may win the court cases and enemy are less smart then us. >

» Throwing almonds or coconuts wrapped in blue cloth in the running water of a river will be helpful.

» Saturn in 7th house is not good. The person may influence by a problem in eyes.

Avoid taking wines; non-veg. etc to stop the adverse effect of this.

» Jupiter and Sun in one house is good. The person will earn fame in the society and will maintain good relation with father.

Donate food to blind school.

» When Jupiter and Saturn give bad results regarding health the service of father, if in joint family with father; will be helpful. Always wear something in gold. Try to have more yellow color food.

» When Jupiter and Moon give good result. It will benefit the person in more wisdom and wealth.

Feed food to girls below age of 10. Do not have white things like milk after sunset.

The remedial measures of the Lak Kitab / Red Book for individual planets are given below. These remedies (upayas), solutions and tips should be performed only if the relevant planet is malefic (giving bad results) either in the natal chart or in the lal kitab varshkundli (annual chart). The remedies given here are effective in reducing the ill effects of the planets but according to the author of the Lal Kiatb, if a planet occupies its own house (Pucca Ghar), then its good or bad results can't be changed. In other words, remedies in such cases will not be effective.

All remedies are to be performed from sun rise to sunset. Do not perform all remedies (upayas) in one go or on one day.

CAUTION : It is advisable to consult a competent Red Book expert before you undertake these remedies (upayas).

NOTE : These Red Book remedies are general in nature. For personalized Red Book remedies, you should place order. Order now and pay by PayPal - a secured payment gateway. PayPal accepts all major credit cards and bank accounts

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